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Why Are There Mice In My House?

Mice could use various entry points to gain access to your home. To mention a few entry points, they can enter through cracks in your basement and entryway, tiny holes near piping, broken roofs, air vents, and drainpipes. Mice have great agility. They can climb 6.5-foot-high walls, fit through pencil-sized gaps, and jump up to 24 cm.

January 22, 2023
Written By:  
Thomas Harper
Why Are There Mice In My House?

Mice need shelter, warmth, and food in that order in order to survive. All these things are offered by your home because it fulfills most human needs. In your home, mice will:

Search For Warmth

Mice will instantly look for a cozy corner of your house once they get inside. The best location for them to choose is next to a food source, like any kitchen or dining room. Because these places are warm and concealed, mice frequently build their nests underneath kitchen appliances and in the back of refrigerators. 

Find Shelter And Build A Nest

Mice can easily create a home inside your concrete panels, under your floorboards, close to your hot water heater, or even in your attic in order to obtain warmth. They enjoy constructing their nests out of paper. Mice can make nests out of almost anything, including magazines, toilet paper, and paper towels. They also like to nest in cardboard boxes and other containers, which they use as hiding places.

Search For Food

At night, mice will rummage through your cabinets in search of food. Not only do they adore cheese, but they will also consume chocolate and peanut butter. They even favor a specific variety of potato chips. As long as the food they eat contains a particular amount of moisture, mice can obtain their daily water needs from it.

What You Should Know About Mice

The four species of mice commonly seen in homes are the house mouse, the wood mouse, the yellow-necked mouse, and the brown rat. The wood mouse is the mouse you're most likely to come into contact with at home out of the four because it inhabits homes even more frequently than the house mouse does. After cellars and cabinets, roof areas are where rodents and rats are most commonly found. They may also reside in voids in walls. Other tiny mammals that may visit are voles and shrews.


The fact is that mice can adapt to any situation, and they are persistent in looking for food, warmth, and shelter. Your home can provide for all of their essential needs. We care about your well-being and the security of your house. If the prospect of having mice in your home is causing you additional stress, Harper Pest Control is the company to call. We can offer swift, guaranteed service to remove mice properly from your home or business if there is already an infestation.

Our experts can offer knowledgeable guidance and mouse control thanks to years of experience and knowledge that are supported internationally. Our experts are local residents knowledgeable in the best techniques and protocols for controlling and preventing mice. Call us now!

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