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How To Get Rodents Out Of Attic

Rodents can cause damage to stored items by gnawing and can even chew through your electrical wiring in attics. They also leave droppings and other animal waste in your attic, making it an ideal breeding ground for insects and diseases. Here's a list of methods for getting rid of them.

January 9, 2023
Written By:  
Thomas Harper
How To Get Rodents Out Of Attic

Find And Close All Possible Entry Points

Inspect your entire home or building for any open holes or gaps at ground and roof level that mice could use to enter. This includes vents, eave gaps, rooflines, worn-out door seals, and missing bricks in walls, among other things. Examine the entire roof and any vents or other minor attic access points. Remember that mice can fit into the smallest of spaces. Fill these holes with a long-lasting sealant to prevent mice from entering your home. 

Trim The Trees And Shrubs Around Your House

Mice can climb trees and jump as far as 8 feet down (the exact distance depends on the tree's height). Trimming overgrown tree branches and shrubs near or touching the house effectively removes the "ladder" for those mice. By trimming your shrubs, you are also removing any hiding spots used by mice during the day. As a result, they will not be able to enter your home or, more specifically, your attic.

Use Proper Sanitation And Food Storage Techniques

You can eliminate any food source that may attract mice by ensuring that your food is properly stored and not left out in the open. Given those mice can survive on 3 grams of food per day, you must ensure that even minor messes, such as crumbs or stains, are cleaned immediately. This will ensure that the mice cannot establish a colony or obtain sufficient supplies to survive in your attic.

Lay Out Traps In High Activity Areas

This is most likely the most important step in getting rid of mice in your attic. The success of your trapping efforts is determined by the type (live traps, snap traps), number, and strategic placement of your traps. Setting traps in strategic locations can make all the difference. Following the droppings is the best way to figure out where these mice are going.

Check Your Traps Regularly

As is sometimes the case, mice's evasiveness causes them to avoid or set off the traps. Checking your traps regularly, even once a day may be required to get rid of your pest. Checking regularly can ensure that you can reset traps when necessary and dispose of trapped mice quickly and safely if your traps have worked.

Is There Noise In The Attic? Get Rid Of Them Forever

You may be dealing with attic pests if you hear noises in the attic and find signs of habitation, such as droppings, nesting, or gnawing damage. Don't expose yourself to odors, disease, or electrical hazards. If you suspect that any of these pests have infested your attic, contact a professional right away to have them removed. Are you looking for a pest control service? Contact Harper Pest Control to learn more about our services.

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