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5 Easy Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs

Everybody is at risk from bed bugs. Since antiquity, bed bugs have been recognized as human pests. Humans experience several problems due to bed bugs. In addition, they can also be very challenging to eradicate. So, to avoid the issues listed above, there are five simple tips for preventing bed bugs.

December 11, 2022
Written By:  
Thomas Harper
5 Easy Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs

Wrap Your Mattress And Box Spring

Put a protective cover or mattress encasement specially made to keep bedbugs out over your mattress and box spring. This will reduce the potential hiding spots for bedbugs. Remember to cover box springs because they are more likely a hiding place for bedbugs than mattresses. Since cloth is less prone to rip than plastic, a high-quality cover will be constructed of this material. Regularly check the cover for holes; if you find any, patch them up immediately using duct tape.

Eliminate The Clutter

Cleaning up clutter will help you avoid bringing in pests like bed bugs because they prefer a dirty and crowded room. This will make finding places to hide and stay in your house challenging. 

Seal Cracks And Crevices In Rooms

The weather outside drives bed bugs deep inside your house. If you live in an apartment, they'll build their nest in the walls and may even move to other homes. So to prevent these pests from entering your room through the wall and from the apartments next door, it is better to seal the cracks and crevices in your room because they will try to delve deep within your walls through cracks and the areas around baseboards.

Inspect Items Thoroughly Before Going Into The House

Bed bugs can enter a house in several ways. They can move around on the fur of birds, rodents, or pets. Additionally, they can travel in clothing and luggage and be picked up at movie theaters, public transportation, and medical offices. You should thoroughly inspect them for bed bugs before bringing them into the house because you might have brought them with you while you were away, and it would be risky once they have entered your home.

Check Your Pets

Bed bugs can be tempted to your pet's bed, just like human beds, where they can also locate warm crevices to lay their eggs and feed. Because we frequently hug our dogs, let them sleep on our beds, and let them roam the home, it is best to check on them often to see if they have bed bugs on their fur. If so, it could be dangerous if their hairs contain bed bugs.


Therefore, prevention is always better than cure. We don't want to put ourselves, our cozy beds, and our things in danger due to bed bugs. Thus, it is preferable to avoid it from happening first rather than try to get rid of them. But if it's too late to prevent bed bugs and you already have them in your house, get expert assistance immediately. Contact Harper Pest Control for professional bed bug removal and prevention today! We will help you keep your home bed bug-free and eliminate these pests once and for all. Call us today to schedule an inspection!

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