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How Dangerous Are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not dangerous for people to carry around. bedbugs can affect an individual's quality of life, causing distress, discomfort, embarrassment, and broken sleep

October 28, 2022
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Thomas Harper
How Dangerous Are Bed Bugs

Researchers are paying more attention to the risks these blood-eating bugs may pose when they infest residential houses due to the alarming rise in bed bug infestations throughout the nation. The risk may take many different forms. Bugs may chew away at timber support systems in houses, damage interior paint, and wallpaper, eat holes in clothes, discolor drapes, and harm furniture when they get inside. Some bugs bring dangerous germs to food storage rooms and kitchen worktops from garbage and septic regions. Some insects are hazardous to human health because they carry venom. Others have a direct connection to the transmission of illnesses.

Which Health Hazards Are Posed By Bed Bugs?

Each individual is affected by a bed bug bite differently. A harsh response may take many forms, from no outward physical evidence of the bite to a little bite mark to a severe allergic reaction. Although an intense allergic response to numerous bites from bed bugs may need medical treatment, bed bugs are not considered hazardous.

Who Is Susceptible To Contracting Bed Bugs?

When visiting an area with bed bugs, everyone is susceptible to contracting them. However, there is a larger danger of getting bitten and/or helping to spread a bed bug infestation for anybody who travels often and shares living and sleeping spaces with those who have previously been there.

Do Bed Bugs Transmit Illness?

There is no proof that bed bugs spread disease. Because they may cause itching and disrupt sleep, bed bugs may be a nuisance. Sometimes excessive scratching brought on by the itching increases the risk of developing a subsequent skin infection.

How May Bed Bugs Be Cured And Avoided?

Most of the time, bed bug bites don't represent a substantial health risk. Avoiding scratching the bite site, using antiseptic creams or lotions, and taking an antihistamine are the best treatments for bites. Insecticide spraying is a frequent treatment for bed bug infestations. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, speak with your landlord or a qualified pest control company with experience treating bed bugs. The most accessible approach to avoid bed bugs is to check for indications of an infestation.

What Causes Bed Bugs

Due to bedbugs' adaptability, an infestation can happen in various ways.

When furniture, bedding, and other belongings are moved into a new house, they might sneak in as stowaways. When buying secondhand furniture, people should use caution and never purchase used mattresses. Bedbugs or their excrement should be visible and detectable with a careful visual inspection.

Bedbugs can be present in houses that are empty and appear to be clean. Without any food, they can live for more than two months. It's also thought that they can travel between apartments using cracks and holes in the walls and the tubes that wires and pipes run through.

Need Help With Bed Bugs?

Harper Pest Control is here for you if you have a severe infestation or are just beginning to notice bed insect symptoms. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality and the best service possible.

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