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How To Get Rid Of Wolf Spider Infestation

The wolf spider is a common house spider found in most regions of the United States. The wolf spider typically grows to be a little over an inch long, although they can reach 1.5 inches in length. They have very hairy legs, with some

October 22, 2022
Written By:  
Thomas Harper
How To Get Rid Of Wolf Spider Infestation

Even the most courageous homeowner can be terrified by a wolf spider for a reason: It is a giant, hairy spider that resembles a tarantula and can sprint quite quickly. Here's everything you need to know to kill wolf spiders and stop them from getting inside your home. 

Despite their fearsome appearance, wolf spiders are less dangerous than black widow spiders and other kinds of spiders. Wolf spider species do bite, despite the low risk. The bite of baby wolf spiders resembles bee stings.

Are They Dangerous? 

Although wolf spiders may appear dangerous, they are not. When they are threatened, they will bite. While the bite stings and leaves a red mark, it is not a fatal or hazardous bite. 

The best treatment method for wolf spider bites is to apply an ice pack. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-itch ointments reduce swelling and irritation. Even though the bite may hurt immediately, it stops hurting after a short while. Although the bite may swell, it goes away in a day or two. But the itchy feeling last the longest.

What Attracts Wolf Spiders?

Wolf spiders are timid, lonely, and rare. They only bite if provoked. 

However, keep an eye out for them in their favorite spots: 

  • Wolf spiders favor dark locations like garages, basements, and attics where beetles reside. 
  • Look for wolf spiders in your lawn, garden, under leaves, or in log piles. 
  • They will infiltrate your home through cracks and gaps to find insects and other food.

How To Deal With Wolf Spiders

Discourage Them

Wolf spiders prefer calm, uninhabited areas, so they use a broom or vacuum to sweep up their selected hiding spots thoroughly. Do this frequently, preferably once every month.

Block Entrances

Seal up any openings they can use by using caulk, screening, and weather stripping. Keep an eye out for rips, tears, and doors, and replace or fix them immediately.

Build A Durable Barrier 

Wolf spiders tunnel in the area around dwellings before entering them. Applying pesticides, you got at the store can create a barrier to keep them away from your house. Spread the insecticides beyond your house's boundary. Ensure the barrier is 12 inches wide around your home's outside and four inches wide near the inside perimeter. Wolf spider entry into your home will be less likely, thanks to the barrier.

Clear Hiding Areas 

Wolf spiders prefer to build their nests in secluded areas where they may remain hidden. They hide in clutter amid stacks of clothing, old cartons, and newspapers. Clear the area of debris to prevent nesting. Remove any webs you observe. Spiders are resilient, so keep an eye out for new webs to appear elsewhere. Eliminate outdoor hiding places like leaf heaps and leaf debris.

Use Homemade Repellents

A substance that works exceptionally well to deter wolf spiders is boric acid. The material does not harm humans, but spiders are. Because the powdery acid is abrasive, it can kill spiders by scratching through their exoskeletons. They immediately perish if they consume it.

Contact a Professional

If you are unable to eradicate the wolf spider infestation yourself, contact a professional pest control company. Harper Pest Control has the experience and equipment necessary to ensure that all spiders in your home are eliminated. We will assess your property to determine what kind of spider is causing the problem and design a plan for removal. 

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