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Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Bees?

Bees can be an annoying pest to deal with. But the good news is that pest control services do offer bee removal and prevention solutions.

October 7, 2022
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Thomas Harper
Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Bees?

When bees decide to build a hive on your property, it can be a major source of concern. They're extremely territorial and will fiercely defend their hive if they feel threatened by intruders. If you notice more bee activity than usual in your yard, it may be time to call in the pros before things get out of hand! Pest control can get rid of bees quickly, often using non-toxic chemicals that are safe for humans and pets. They will locate and remove the hive, then treat your property to ensure no more bees will return.

How Do Pest Control Services Deal With Bees?

Pest control companies will use various methods to remove bees from your property, all dependent on the extent and type of bee invasion. Because not all pest control companies specialize in bee control, you should hire a specialist who has dealt with these insects before. Among the methods employed are:

Smoke Method

Professionals will use a smoke canister to agitate the bees and force them to leave their hive in this method. The resulting smoke is non-toxic but scented with a pheromone similar to an attacking bee colony. If you want to eliminate bees without harming them, this is an effective method.

Scare Technique

Like the smoke agitation technique, the scare method employs bright lights and loud noises to scare away the bees rather than using a pheromone, a natural defense mechanism.

Spraying of Pesticides

If there is no effective way to remove bees from their hive or it is inaccessible, pesticide sprays are the next best option. These chemicals are sprayed directly onto bee nests and kill them instantly. Unfortunately, pesticides harm other insects, such as butterflies and ladybugs. As a result, this method should be used only as a last resort.

Using Fire to Dismantle

If the bees' hive or nest is inaccessible, pest control services will use fire to demolish it. Professionals with the right training and experience should be hired for this job, as they will know where to point the flames to extinguish the bees without harming the hive or setting anything else ablaze.

Bee Prevention Tips

Bees forage for food, which is usually pollen. Honey bees, for example, may travel several miles from the hive each day in search of food.

While pollen is their primary food source, bees are also drawn to sweet foods. This includes ice cream, soda, fruit, and juice.

Removing these food sources is one way to reduce their appearance near your home. This may imply taking out the trash more frequently, regularly cleaning trash cans, and limiting open food containers while outside.

Another option for carpenter bees is to ensure that all outdoor wood surfaces are painted or treated. Carpenter bees prefer unpainted wood and are less likely to burrow through other materials.

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