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Ants In Orange County, California

Ants are one of the most commonplace and most irritating pests that frequently invade homes and properties like yours. These are the most common ants in Orange County, California. Our clean green method also creates a barrier around your property, defending your home from ants. ‍

August 10, 2022
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Thomas Poole
Ants In Orange County, California

Need to Know Facts…

Ants are one of the most commonplace and most irritating pests that frequently invade homes and properties like yours. While there are hundreds of different ant breeds, the more common type of ants found in Southern California include Black house ants, Thief ants, Pharaoh ants, Fire ants, and Carpenter ants.Ants are extremely social insects. If you see one ant in your house or commercial residence, chances are there are hundreds of thousands of ants nearby, potentially taking up residence in your home or building! Ants communicate using pheromones. Their antennae will pick up on the pheromones left by other nearby ants, allowing them to walk in orderly lines. It is pretty rare for an ant to break from this line. These lines of walking ants often lead back to their nest, whether it be inside or outside. The type of nest varies depending on the type of ant.

Do I Need Ant Pest Control Service?

The easiest way to tell whether you need ant control for your property is if you notice ants trailing around the interior or exterior of your house or commercial building. They might even have a nest nearby on your property. Ants can nest anywhere in or around your home, including in the foundation. Small mounds of dirt or sand around your home could be a sign of a larger ant nest nearby. Signs of nests differ from breed to breed.

And remember, if you see one or a few ants inside, those ants probably brought countless of their friends with them, hiding elsewhere in or around your home.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are one of the larger species of ants in the United States. They can be anywhere from 3.5 mm to 13 mm in length. Though the most common carpenter ant is black, they can also be variations of brown, red, yellowish, and orange. Carpenter ants are known for their big mandibles.
Carpenter ants can live both inside and outside. They prefer to dwell in decaying or moist wood. These ants do not eat wood, however, they hollow out wood to live in, leaving piles of wood shavings outside their dwellings. Carpenter ants eat lots of the same things we eat, though they favor sweet things and meats. If you notice signs of carpenter ants in your home, then you need carpenter ant control.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are one of the smaller types of ant, usually measuring at 2 mm in length. They are typically colored in variations of yellowish-brown, with red markings on their bodies. Pharaoh ants need warm weather to survive, which is why they thrive here in southern California. They can survive indoors and outdoors when the weather is warm. Pharaoh ants usually build their nests in well protected and hidden areas indoors, such as in walls, behind baseboards, in refrigerator insulation, in voids or cabinets, inside curtain rods, in between the folds of clothes and paper, etc.
Pharaoh ants eat all types of foods, especially sweets. They are most often found in areas of food preparation, such as the kitchen and pantry. Pharaoh ants carry dysentery and salmonella. It is best for your health and safety to dispose of any food that pharaoh ants may have gotten into.
Pharaoh ant infestations grow rapidly and out of control. They can be very hard to deal with. When their nests are exposed to toxic smells and chemicals, they scatter and build again elsewhere in your home. If you see pharaoh worker ants in your pantry, kitchen, or anywhere else in your home, then it is best to call Harper Pest Control to professionally remove the infestation with our effective CleanGreen method.

Fire Ants

Fire ants can range from about 1.5 mm to 5 mm in length and are colored in variations of red. They have a visible stinger on their rear that they use for self-defense. They use their mandibles to hold their prey and place and inject venom through their stinger. Fire ant stings are painful to humans and can even be a cause for medical concern in some cases. These stings usually cause a stinging or intense burning sensation and leave behind red bumps that may fill with puss. In some instances, fire ant stings may lead to sensations of nausea, excessive itching, and sweating. These symptoms are a cause for medical concern and those experiencing these symptoms as a result of a fire ant sting should seek medical attention.
Fire ants usually build their nests in the dirt. Their nests are visible mounds of soft dirt. They are very aggressive ants and will sting any person or animal that disturbs their nest, sometimes multiple times. Fire ants eat both plant-based and animal-based foods, such as earthworms, insects, spiders, honeydew, seeds, other sweet foods, and dead animal carcasses. If you see worker or swarmer fire ants in or around your home, call Harper Pest Control to take care of your ant pest control needs. Our CleanGreen method will make your house safe again from these fiery home invaders.

Thief Ants

The thief ant, also commonly known as the grease ant, are tiny ants that range in size from 1.5 mm to about 2 mm in length. They can be variations of yellowish or brown. Thief ants and pharaoh ants have very similar appearances with very few differences. The thief ant antennae have 10 segments and a two-segmented club, which is different from the pharaoh ant’s 12 segmented antenna that has a 3 segmented club.
Thief ants get their name from stealing larvae and pupae to eat from other ant colonies in their neighborhood. These tiny house ants eat greasy foods and proteins, such as peanut butter, meats, cheese, nuts, and sweet foods. These tiny ants are even small enough to enter unopened food packages. When living outside, thief ants result in eating dead rodents and insects.
Thief ants nest both inside and outside. When outside, thief ant nests are commonly found in places such as soil, rotting wood, and especially under rocks. Inside, they build their nests in small places, such as behind baseboards, underneath cabinets and countertops, and in crevices of walls. If you see worker thief ants in or around your property, call Harper Pest Control for your ant pest control needs.

How Did I Get Ants?

Ants enter into homes and buildings through tiny cracks and crevices, usually in search of a free meal from your kitchen.

How to Eliminate Ants…

Because ants smell and follow the pheromones left by other ants, if there are any ants in your home, even just one, there are hundreds of ants not far behind. Most over-the-counter and do-it-yourself ant treatment options are ineffective, as they only kill the ants you see. If ants keep coming back after you kill them, there is probably a nest nearby, which means continual waves of home ant invaders for you. Luckily, Harper Pest Control makes home ant control effective. Our Clean Green method of ant removal uses slow-active, time-release transfer technology designed for ants to walk through it without detecting it, carrying it back to their colony, creating a domino effect that eliminates the entire colony. Our clean green method also creates a barrier around your property, defending your home from ants.

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