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5 Best Way To Remove Bees

Bees are a necessary part of the food chain and ecosystem. However, when they swarm in homes or other buildings, it can be a nuisance and potentially harmful. check ways to remove bees from your home or building.

December 5, 2022
Written By:  
Thomas Harper
5 Best Way To Remove Bees

Bees contribute to the natural ecosystem. If, on the other hand, bees make your home or business their home and cause you problems, you are most likely looking for a way to get rid of them. Fortunately, there are several methods for eliminating bees and their nests.

Make A Bee Trap

Two bottles of bees can make a two-piece homemade nesting place. Fresh hives are placed in one container to attract easily enter insects. Because this is their natural food source, artificial nectar will be the best. If you want to kill bees, another option is to mix cane sugar or corn syrup with water and add some solutions to make drowning difficult.

Use A Bee Spray

When injected, a bee spray is a lethal insecticide. Place yourself 15 feet away from your hive and begin spraying. It is best to perform this task at night when most bees are in the hive.

Remember that bee spray is required to get rid of bees, so you must be on the colonies' territory to use it. Chemicals are used to kill bees and then fall on them.

Use Garlic Spray

It's simple to kill and simple enough to do everything you need with the kitchen. You'll need two heads of garlic and half a cup of freshly boiled water to make a strong repellent out of garlic.

To get rid of bees, serve the mixture with a thin layer of chilies or hot sauce. Add some dishwashing liquid to help the nesting birds and larvae survive.

Water And Soap

In essence, soapy water is beneficial because it forms wax-like wax between and within the bees. This reduces the bee's ability to fly through the air and cuts off its air supply.

Add 10 ml of dishwashing soap to a water bowl to make a suitable soapy solution. Depending on your situation, the bee sting should not even be considered if you have asthma. If you try this method, you should buy a beekeeper's uniform.


Borax is widely regarded as one of the most potent insecticides. It is an excellent natural solution to your bee problem at home. The bees will die within a few days if you can get some borax powder into the beehive. If you want to spray the powder into the nest, you should cover it first. Before beginning, protect yourself by donning a face mask, some thick socks, and gloves. When the bees come into contact with the powder, it will start working.


The best way to get rid of bees is to simply call a professional exterminator. They will come out and assess your situation and give you a price quote for services rendered. At Harper Pest Control, we're always happy to help. We've been in the bee removal business for years and have helped thousands of people get rid of their bees. We use safe, humane methods that will not harm you or your family. Our technicians are experienced in the field of bee removal and can handle any situation quickly and efficiently. If you have bees on your property, call us today!

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