Need to Know Facts…

Millipedes range from around 2.5 cm to 4 cm in length. They are typically brown with long segmented bodies and hundreds of legs. They live in areas with moisture, such as gardens, flower beds, and lawns. They eat decaying organic matter like dead leaves, grass clippings, dead flowers, and rotting wood. 

Millipedes are nocturnal pests that tend to hang out and move in larger groups with lots of other millipedes. They do not bite and are not venomous so therefore aren’t harmful to humans. Female millipedes lay as many as 100 eggs at once, allowing infestations of millipedes to grow quickly.

Do I Need Millipede Pest Control Treatment?

The best way to see if you have a millipede pest infestation and require pest control in your home or commercial building is to spot the actual millipedes themselves. Millipedes usually settle in garages, basements, under wooden beams, or boxes. They can’t survive for very long indoors without decaying plants to munch on.

How Did I Get Millipedes?

Millipedes are usually driven indoors when there isn’t enough moisture or there is too much moisture in their natural habitats. Food shortages and too many millipedes hanging around can also push these critters into contact with human homes and commercial residences. 

During millipede migration, which usually occurs in the fall, these pests can find themselves migrating into your home in search of a new shelter. Millipedes find their way inside via crawl space vents, garage doors, basement windows and doors, cracks and crevices near the foundation, etc.

Eliminating the Millipede Infestation...

If millipedes are inconveniencing your home or commercial life, then Harper Pest Control has a solution for you! Our CleanGreen crack and crevice treatments will flush them out of harborage areas inside and will create a barrier around the outside of your property, keeping the millipedes out of your house and off of your porch.

Call us at 1-800-782-8443 If You See: millipedes hanging out on your porch or patio in the evening, and/or millipedes in your home anywhere.
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