Brown Recluse Spiders

Need to Know Facts…

Brown recluses come in shades of brown, but with a distinctive darker brown mark on their upper-body shaped like a violin. 

Brown recluses don't utilize a web to catch their prey. Instead, they are nocturnal hunting spiders that venture out at night to hunt for their dinner. These spiders are fast runners and are excellent hiders. They build their disorganized looking webs in dark, secluded, and hidden places. These webs are usually built close to the ground.  

Brown recluses can live for around 2 years and can lay up to 250 eggs over a few months. Because they multiply so quickly and live for so long, large infestations grow quickly. The brown recluse spider has a venomous bite that causes symptoms of swelling itching, lesions, nausea, fever, and pain.

Do I Need Brown Recluse Spider Control?

The brown recluse web is very well hidden, as it isn’t built to catch prey. The only way to tell whether you have an infestation or not is to see the actual spider itself. Usually, these spiders set up camp in remote areas of the house with low foot traffic, such as the garage, between storage boxes, underneath kitchen cabinets, basements, sheds, woodpiles, etc.

How Did I Get Brown Recluses?

Brown recluses enter homes and buildings usually when they are hunting prey insects or are in search of a dark, hidden place to build their web. They invade your home through the same means that most other spiders and pests do: windows, open doors, small cracks and openings near the foundation, etc. They can also be carried into your home via storage boxes being brought in from an outside shed.

Getting Rid of Brown Recluses…

It can be hard to conduct effective brown recluse spider removal yourself because they tend to hide well. Here at Harper Pest Control, we know where the brown recluse spiders hide! 

Spiders are arachnids, not insects. Their biology has built-in sophisticated defense mechanisms that protect them from residual pest control products. Spiders are solitary creatures, not communal like most insects, so there is no domino effect when treating spiders. They have to be killed individually. At Harper Pest Control, we have developed a residual method for spider control that works very well. We treat and kill as many spiders as we see and disrupt their webs but strategically leave active webs untouched. If we can’t find the spider host, we spray the web leaving it a deadly trap when the spider returns. 

Harper Pest Control will take care of your unwanted brown recluse spider home intruders efficiently with our CleanGreen method, eliminating the recluses in your house and creating a barrier around your house to defend your home from more recluse intruders.

Call us at 1-800-782-8443 for our CleanGreen garden spider control services if you see any brown recluse spiders in or around your home.
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